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About The Baltic Historical Society

The Baltic Area Historical Society was founded in 1999, as a result of the 1998 Sesquicentennial celebration. The goal of the society is to document and preserve local history for future generations.

Prior projects:

  • Moved and rebuilt an 1819 log cabin and summer house, which are used yearly by the local grade schools.
  • Initiated the Bouqet’s Trail/Port Washington Road Ohio historical marker.
  • Initiated the road signage of the Port Washington Road from Millersburg through Baltic and ending in Port Washington.
  • Designed and published the Port Washington Road brochure.

About Baltic

In 1832 there were clusters of homes long the roadway at the present site of Baltic. This cluster of homes marked the halfway point between Millersburg and Port Washington, and was a one day journey by horse drawn wagon.

In 1847 the US Post Office was established, and was named Buena Vista. In 1848 the village of Rowville was established. Soon there were three hotels, livery stables, a flour mill, a doctor and other businesses.

In 1847 the village name was changed to Buena Vista, meaning beautiful view. The railroad arrived in 1881. The village name was changed to Baltic in 1883.